Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glutathione and L-Glutathione for Skin Whitening

Glutathione and l-glutathione for skin whitening have certainly been in the spotlight a lot more lately. It seems like everywhere you turn these days, you’re hearing about solutions for skin whitening and age spots from many beauty, makeup and healthcare brands. We welcome the increased attention to what is a very important issue, one that affects millions of people everyday. We’re thrilled that people are taking advantage of the new generation of beauty products available for the skin’s health and beauty.

One of the essential ingredients in many of the most popular and most effective skin whitening products is called glutathione or l-glutathione.
Glutathione and l-glutathione is a natural molecule found in our bodies and synthesized by the liver. It’s found in some of the foods we eat and it’s actually in every cell of our skin. Recent scientific research has shown that the level of glutathione in your cells has a direct impact on and is an important indicator of the health and appearance of your skin.

There is a growing body of evidence pointing to significant health benefits from ensuring you have the proper level of glutathione in your cells. Higher glutathione level are being linked to a healthier liver. In addition, new data is demonstrating that injectable glutathione serves as a potentially very effective treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. The research and work done by Dr. Ronald Hoffman in this area has been incredibly beneficial and enlightening.

Let’s take a closer look at
glutathione for skin whitening. Colorations or discolorations of the skin are a product of the level of melanin in your cells. Simply stated, the more melanin, the darker your skin will be. That also means that higher levels of melanin will increase the likelihood of more visible, more frequent age spots and other skin discolorations.Glutathione, l-glutathione and injectable glutathione work by slowing down the production of melanin, limiting the amount of dark pigmentation generated. When your body is producing less melanin, you’ll experience lighter, brighter skin and less dramatic discolorations.

Some of the finest skin whitening products are now available at Flawless Beauty and Skin. All of the company’s products have a natural, botanical base and contain high levels of glutathione. If you’re hearing a lot more about skin whitening and are wondering how you can safely and effectively, lighten and brighten your skin, you should definitely consider glutathione and l-glutathione for skin whitening!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Properly Apply and Use Skin Whitening and Cleansing Products

If you’ve taken the steps to beautify your skin by purchasing skin whitening products, creams and soaps, that’s a good start. What’s often overlooked is using those products correctly. Unfortunately, failing to follow the directions on any beauty product will almost always end with results that are less than desired. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to properly use whitening soaps and creams.

To properly apply whitening cream, first wash your face with soap and warm water as you normally would. Then apply ice or very cold water to the skin you just washed. That will help close your skin’s pores, which is essential to effective application of whitening cream. Washing your face then rinsing it with very cold water will also help prevent acne. As you can tell, just washing your face and rinsing it properly is important to healthy looking, beautiful skin.

The first time you use a whitening cream you should use it in a non-conspicuous location away from your face, on an area that is usually covered. High quality whitening cream contains natural plant-based products, but everyone has slightly different skin, and whitening cream and soap may have a more dramatic or faster effect on one person than another. Testing it in a non-visible place guarantees that results will be similar when you use it on your face. Once satisfied with your test, you can apply it daily, preferably at night, to the affected areas on your face and body.

Whitening creams works by inhibiting the production of melanin, a natural compound that leads to skin darkening and discoloration. By using whitening cream, that skin darkening effect is greatly slowed and skin appears brighter, whiter and healthier. Along with a high quality whitening cream we typically recommend using a whitening soap with Kojic Acid. That will help prevent breakouts and it’s a good match to the cream because it will break down melanin already present in your skin while the whitening cream works to inhibit future production of melanin.

If you are prone to acne breakouts periodically, you should be sure to use a whitening toner as part of your beauty regiment. Whitening toner effectively and safely reduces skin inflammation and prevents damage to the skin and scarring from acne. Acne scars and related skin damage can be traumatizing to those who are afflicted with such issues, but with the steps outlined above and the proper, healthy lifestyle your skin can look better and more beautiful.

The importance of using any skin and beauty products properly cannot be overemphasized. The correct application is much more likely to lead to the results you’re hoping for. Not using the products according to their specific instructions will usually lead to less than optimal results. After you’ve made the decision to improve the health and beauty of your skin, don’t forget to use the products you’ve invested in the right way. The results will be better, and you will look more beautiful and be happier.

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